About Me

Hello! I'm Glen. Good to meet you.

You're probably wondering who I am and what qualifies me to talk about course creation.

And I don't blame you. There are a lot of voices in the online course space. And unfortunately a lot of hype too.

Time is precious, so I'll spare you my full life story, and focus on just three things you should know about me...


I was the "course creation guy" for a 7-figure entrepreneur

Prior to starting my business, I worked with Jon Morrow, a remarkable online entrepreneur.

During that time I was responsible for designing and/or building the online courses that fuelled his 7-figure business, Smart Blogger.

Some of those courses made over $1 million in revenue and served 1,000+ paying students. Several are still going strong!


I'm an experienced writer and editor, and worked for the BBC

Before joining Smart Blogger I was a professional comedy writer and editor, which included working in-house at the BBC.

I know what it takes to create engaging, informative and entertaining content for the page and the screen (and help others do it too.)

In fact, in various editorial roles over the years, I've given feedback to hundreds of writers and content creators.


My super power is creating clarity from chaos!

Grasping complex ideas and helping to translate them into engaging training programs is second nature to me.

I love working with smart people and helping them get their course from "brain to built" so they can enjoy the benefits.

Creating a great course in a bubble is tough. I can give you an expert external perspective so you can create your best course.

So What Do You Think? Should We Talk?

If you're thinking about creating an online course, and see the value in having a friendly expert guide you through the strategy, design and content creation process, maybe we should talk about working together.

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