Date: July 22, 2021

What if your course sold you?

Inevitably, I find myself talking to a lot of people about online courses…

Some are mentoring clients…

Some are new contacts curious to learn more…

Some are successful course creators who are just happy to chat.

And when I hear the same comment from different people my ears prick up.

Last week for instance I spoke to an experienced corporate trainer who’d participated in my Online Course Sprint. We were catching up and talking about, yep, online courses.

He’d recently completed what he felt was a really standout leadership course on LinkedIn Learning.

And what was interesting was that once he’d finished, he didn’t want to go out and implement what he’d learned - he just wanted to get more of the person teaching the material.

“It just made me want to work with that guy” he said.

Another contact told me not long ago that she loved having a course because new coaching clients would sign up saying: “It was an easy decision because I felt like I already knew you.”

Imagine that. Instead of you selling your course, your course sells you.

That’s a powerful idea, right? Just sit with it for a moment.

Your course sells you.

So what does that actually mean for you as a course creator?

Well, it means your course doesn’t have to take students all the way to their destination, just get them started.

It means your course should give people a flavour what it’s like working with you one-to-one (similar tone, methods, principles).

It means your course should lead naturally to some way of working with you directly.

(And it even means it could make sense to give your course away!)

These questions might help you decide what to teach:

  • What do the people you work best with start off curious about? Teach that.
  • What do you wish the people you worked with already knew? Teach that.
  • What quick win can you deliver easily? Teach that.

Just imagine how much easier you could get results if your clients already knew you, trusted you and had started the journey ahead of them.

See you soon,


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