Date: November 18, 2021

Even MasterClass sucks sometimes

Have you heard of MasterClass?

It’s that super slick online training school where famous experts teach you what they know about their topic.

For instance, you can learn:

  • Indian Cooking (from Madhur Jaffrey)
  • Storytelling (from Neil Gaiman)
  • Photography (from Annie Leibovitz)

Seriously big names, right? And the list goes on.

Truthfully, I haven’t seen much of the content. The reason? I’m a little nervous to watch it.

I fear I’ll either get sucked in (learning screenwriting from Aaron Sorkin for example) and wonder where my productivity disappeared to…

Or I’ll see just how amazingly slick and beautifully produced every single lesson is and never want to create my own course content again.

But I have a friend with a MasterClass subscription who had some time to kill between work projects and binged on a ton of the content.

His assessment? Some of the content is great, as you’d expect. But some…?

Not so much.

I mean, it still looks great, but as a learning experience, meh.

In other words, even when world-class experts teach a topic with a limitless (well, sizeable) production budget, the result can still be a so-so online course.

Which was kind of reassuring to hear.

And it means that being the top dog in your field doesn’t always make you the best person to teach it.

And not being a top dog doesn’t stop you from creating a really valuable course for your audience.

Because it’s not about who you are, but what you can help other people achieve.

It’s about how you break things down, how you explain them, and how you keep people engaged.

So, what would your masterclass be?

I can just picture it now…

MasterClass presents: (insert your name) Teaches (insert your topic here)

See you soon,


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