One-sentence template for nailing your audience

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When I teach or coach people about course creation, one of the first tasks is defining their target audience.

Here’s my go-to template for doing that:

[Group] who want [Goal] but [Obstacle]


  • “Group” is a simple demographic like: stressed parents, middle-aged women, freelance web designers, etc.
  • “Goal” is what those people want, like “more productivity” or “a new career”; or something they want less of like “fewer family arguments” or “less stress”
  • “Obstacle” is what they perceive as standing in the way.

Here are some quick examples:

  • Remote workers who want to improve their productivity but can’t find a method that works for them.
  • Frustrated dog owners who want a better-behaved pet but don’t know how to fix bad habits built up over years.
  • Divorced parents who want a better relationship with their ex and their kids, but keep getting sucked back into old battles.

Using this template, who’s your audience?

Here are a couple of tips if you’re struggling…

If you know your group but not their goals, spend some time hanging out wherever they gather online and take notes.

If you know the group and the goal but not the obstacle, approach a few people and ask: “what’s holding you back?”

Getting to know your audience better is always a smart move.

How well do you know yours?

See you soon,


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