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If you’re an entrepreneur, coach or course creator who wants to learn if Kajabi is a smart choice for running your online business, then this is the guide for you.

In fact, this is the guide I wish I’d had when I started first exploring Kajabi.

As an online course specialist, I wanted to get up to speed with the platform quickly and understand not just its strengths, but its limitations too.

Kajabi’s website has numerous articles and how-to’s on specific features, but piecing it all together was hard work, and I suspected that the official documentation might (quite reasonably) gloss over any shortcomings of the platform.

I needed an independent, no-nonsense guide to this popular all-in-one online business platform, but no such guide existed!

So that’s what this book is. A compact guide you can read in a single sitting and gain a thorough overview of Kajabi without spending hours researching it for yourself.

My aim is that you’ll finish this guide knowing what Kajabi is, what it does, and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t do.

Note: This second edition includes dozens of updates and a whole new chapter covering two major additions to the platform — podcasts and coaching.

What Is Kajabi?

Let’s face it: you probably already have some idea of what Kajabi is. But just for fun, here are some things it’s not:

  1. It’s not a contact team sport popular in South Asia where holding your breath is a crucial skill. That’s Kabadi.
  2. It’s not a form of classical Japanese theatre featuring elaborate make-up and storytelling through dance. That’s Kabuki.
  3. It’s not a British four-piece avant-garde band from the 1980s whose biggest hit was “Too Shy”. That’s Kajagoogoo.

So with those potential “confusions” cleared up, let’s make sure we’re absolutely on the same page.

Kajabi is an all-in-one website creation, blogging, marketing, sales and digital content delivery platform designed specifically for online business owners.

By “all-in-one” I mean that Kajabi aims to provide everything that the average information-based online business needs to be successful, all under one umbrella.

In fact, here’s a quick summary of the different functional areas it covers:

  • Website builder — create and host your main website and blog;
  • Landing page builder — create conversion-oriented sales pages and other types of “landing” pages;
  • Email marketing — build a database of email contacts, enrich it with fields and tags, and send emails via broadcasts or automated sequences;
  • Funnel builder — create automated sales and marketing workflows or “funnels”;
  • Checkout — create optimised payment pages that allow people to purchase your products;
  • Product delivery — build and deliver online courses, membership programs, podcasts, coaching packages and online communities;
  • Video hosting — host all of your content and sales videos without needing a third-party subscription;
  • Webinars — create, promote and let people sign up for simple webinars;
  • Analytics — monitor and analyse performance across your online business.

As you can see, Kajabi covers a lot, and that’s a big part of its appeal.

Instead of gluing together lots of different software and paying for each one separately, Kajabi provides a single platform for everything you do. Or at least that’s the idea.

So the big question is this:

Does Kajabi do enough of what you need, well enough to be a good choice?

If it does most of what you need, it could be very persuasive. But if your killer feature is missing, it won’t be a good fit.

So, is Kajabi right for you? Let’s see how this guide helps to answer that question.

How Is This Guide Organised?

Each chapter covers a major area of Kajabi. Sometimes it’s a specific feature, sometimes it’s a collection of features that make sense to discuss together.

For each of these areas, I’ll give you a thorough overview and highlight any limitations I think you should know about when comparing Kajabi to other solutions.

I’ll assume you know the basic principles behind running an online business but aren’t familiar with Kajabi specifically.

But before we jump in, let’s answer an important question…

Who am I to be teaching you about this stuff?

About the Author

I’m Glen Long and I’ve been helping businesses succeed on the Internet since the mid-1990s, back when a web address was still an alien concept to most people.

Until early 2020 I ran operations for a seven-figure online training business. (I also built online courses that generated well over $1M in revenue.)

These days I specialise in helping business owners and entrepreneurs create kick-ass online courses that add real value to their bottom line.

If you’re curious about online courses, I’ve compiled a giant list of tips and tactics distilled from a decade of course creation. You can get it here:

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