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I remember my old boss telling me a story about Dan Kennedy.

If you don’t know him, Dan Kennedy is an old-school marketing guru who’s made a fortune from selling information products.

Apparently, Dan had built such a loyal following over the years that some of his customers would actually say to him:

“Dan, you have my credit card on file. Whenever you release a new product, I don’t care what it is, I want it. Just charge my card and send it over.”

Now that’s got to be the ultimate customer, right?

Someone who trusts you so much that they’ll buy your product without even knowing what it is.

Trust is everything.

If enough of the right people trust you, selling your course is magnitudes easier.

In fact, these are the people who will buy your course when it’s ready:

  • People who’ve bought from you in the past and had a great experience
  • People who’ve been recommended your course by someone they really trust
  • People whose trust you’ve built up brick by brick over weeks, months or even years who are now ready to buy

Notice who’s not on the list? Total strangers.

Doesn’t matter how good your course is, or much it could help them, total strangers will always be a very hard sell.

So instead of worrying about the marketing gymnastics required to convince a total stranger to buy your course, think about what you need to do to create more people like those on the list above.

People who trust you so much that buying from you isn’t a risky decision.

People who might one day say “I don’t care what it is, I just want it.”

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