Candid thoughts on course creation

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This is probably the most candid email I’ve ever written about course creation.

Because here’s what I know:

  • Most people who want to create a course, don’t start.
  • Most people who start, don’t finish.
  • Most people who finish, struggle to sell it.

Depressing? Maybe…

But I also know this:

  • People who don’t start, waste a lot of mental energy just thinking about starting. (They worry about which platform to choose, what camera to buy, what template to use…)
  • People who start but don’t finish are often glad they tried. (Because they gained useful new skills or valuable clarity that courses aren’t right for them right now.)
  • People who finish but struggle to sell, probably skipped an important step (like validating their idea or creating a realistic launch plan) — or they just gave up too soon.

So here are some simple if obvious truths:

  • If you don’t actually start, your course will never actually happen (er, duh).
  • If you don’t follow a reliable roadmap, you can expect false starts and dead ends.
  • If you’re not comfortable with the idea of selling, creating a course won’t fix that.

So where does this leave you?

Well, it depends:

  • If you want to go it alone, start small (e.g., create a short email course, or a 3-5 video mini-course.)
  • If you want a smoother journey, get some help from someone who knows the path.
  • If you know, deep down, that you’ll never actually create a course, just decide not to. (It’s okay!)

That’s all for today, my friend.

See you soon,


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