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Back when I had a side business writing wedding speeches, three different packages were listed on my website, and they boiled down to this:

  • You do most of the work (and I give feedback) - £99
  • We split the work between us (tag team style) - £249
  • I do most of the work (and you give feedback) - £399

And it actually worked pretty well.

It wasn’t my first attempt at packaging my services but it was the most successful because it was really easy for people to understand.

The more work I do, the more it costs you.

I didn’t realise at the time, but this was just a version of a common model that service providers use: DIY, DWY, DFY.

Or: Do It Yourself. Done With You. Done For You.

  • With DIY, you give clients the information they need to do it for themselves and you charge them for that information.
  • With DWY, you guide them through the process personally and essentially charge them for your time.
  • With DFY, you follow your process on their behalf and charge them for the end result.

Now, not every business has a viable DFY option. (If you’re a leadership coach you can’t exactly go and be a leader in place of your client!)

But it can still be very useful to think about what different paid offers with “different amounts of you” might look like.

Naturally, in a course-enabled business, your DIY option is a self-study version of your course.

Your DWY option is usually your course plus some group or 1:1 coaching or mentoring.

And your DFY option is you (or someone you partner with) following the process from your course and producing the desired result for the client.

(Cool bonus: with DFY you can even use your course to efficiently train your partners in the process that you’ve created.)

The point is that all of these options become easier (and less time-consuming) for you if you’ve been through the process of creating a course that embodies your working method.

For me, a course is never just a “widget” you sell people to boost your profits, it’s a tool for evolving your business to be less dependent on your time.

Food for thought, isn’t it? 🙂

Have a great weekend and see you soon,



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