Don't create a course until this is true

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Here’s a useful way to think about creating an online course.

It’s just a way to scale your capacity to get results.

So let’s say you’re a health coach and you offer a 3-month package with weekly coaching calls. And let’s say you can handle around 20 clients per week.

Now imagine you replace that model with a 12-week online course with a weekly group coaching/accountability call.

Even if you limit those calls to just three people, you’ve just tripled your capacity for helping people improve their health.

Same result, different delivery.

But here’s the thing. You can’t scale like this until you’re consistently getting results for people, e.g., via coaching or consulting.

In other words, you don’t try to scale something until it’s working.

On the flip side, if you’re unclear what result your course should deliver, start with the results you’re already getting for people.

And if you’re earlier in your journey, without a few success stories under your belt, then your best focus is finding real people to work with while you perfect your process.

Once you know what works, then build your course.

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