I'm embarrassed to admit it, but...

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…I’m not a confident driver.

You see, my wife does all the driving in our family. (She gets nauseous as a passenger, so if she’s in a car, she wants to be the one driving it.)

And mostly, being a perennial passenger suits me just fine. But my driving skills have become, well, rusty, as a result.

So recently, I decided to get back behind the wheel. Just to build my confidence back.

And it’s taken me right back to the age of 17, when I first learned to drive.

I didn’t pass my test until my third attempt. (Most of my friends passed first time — of course!) Finally doing it felt like a huge achievement.

But as satisfying as it was to get my licence, it wasn’t really about the licence. It was about what that licence represented.

Freedom. Independence. Coming of age.

That piece of paper was just a proxy for all of those other things.

And when you’re building a course, the result you deliver is usually a proxy for something more meaningful.

So if your course teaches people to make a side income as a writer, achieving that goal might mean their long-held dream becomes a reality. Or that they’re no longer 100% dependent on an unrewarding day job. Or that friends and family will have to take their “hobby” a little more seriously.

Whatever it is, tapping into the meaning behind the result is crucial for selling your course.

It works in reverse too. If you’re not sure what result to deliver, think: what result would resonate most strongly with your audience’s hopes, dreams and aspirations? What result would mean a big step towards achieving a long-held goal?

Remember, people don’t just want results. They want meaningful results.

See you soon,



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