The evolution of content

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Right now, I’m in the middle of running the latest cohort of my flagship programme.

The first version was very basic in terms of content --- just a bunch of lessons and assignments written inside Google Docs and shared with students.

For the next version, I made some significant revisions based on feedback and added an audio component, so that students could listen to the lessons as well as read them.

This time around, I’ve revised the content yet again (although the changes are getting smaller with each iteration) and I’m turning the lesson scripts into course videos.

And this is a common pattern in course creation.

The more you’ve tried and tested your ideas, the more effort you can put into the production.

But whether it’s a first draft Google Doc or a polished video, it’s all content creation.

And there’s a misconception that you don’t create content around your ideas until they’re fully refined.

But content creation isn’t something you do when you’re fully confident of your ideas…

It’s something you do you to become fully confident of your ideas:

  • Articulating your thinking via content helps you refine it.
  • Putting that content in front of people helps you finalise it.

That’s why having a newsletter (like this one) is so valuable, because it gives you a way to try out your ideas and see which ones resonate.

Content creation --- and by extension course creation --- are not “one and done” activities.

It’s a process of evolution.

See you soon,


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