My Dad's favourite joke

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I remember a joke my Dad loved to tell.

(If you don’t like elaborate puns, maybe skip this email!)

It goes like this…

A man wants to bump off his elderly relative to get the inheritance.

So he contacts the local hit man, called Arthur, who quotes him £10,000 to do the job.

“That’s far too expensive” says the man. “If I had that much money, I wouldn’t need the inheritance.”

“Fair enough” says Arthur. “Here’s another option…

My son is just starting in the business and he’s much cheaper than me. He’s called Arthur too, but he likes to be called ‘Artie’.

He only does strangulation, but if that’s good enough, why don’t you talk to him?”

So the man contacts Artie, who agrees to do it for just £1.

He tracks the relative to the local supermarket, strangles them and dumps their body in a freezer cabinet.

But another customer sees it, so he has to strangle them too.

And a member of staff witnesses the second attack, so they meet the same fate.

That evening, the front page of the local newspaper reads:


(US folks: Tesco is a big supermarket.)

It’s a pretty bad joke but the point is that people don’t always need the £10,000 (or even £1,000) tailor-made version of your service.

Sometimes a one-size-fits-all solution to a common problem is good enough.

In fact, there’s a type of course I call a “solution-in-a-box” which plays this role perfectly. It gives people the tools and tactics they need to solve their own problem.

So what’s a common solution you could “box up” in a digital format?

Chances are you could sell it for more than a pound.

See you soon,


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