How much help do students need?

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When you’re guiding someone to a result, there are three “layers” of help you can give:

  • You can tell them the steps.
  • You can tell them the steps AND teach them how to execute.
  • You can tell them the steps AND teach them how to execute AND support them when they get stuck.

For smaller results, the steps may be all they need. For larger results, most people will need the “how” and the extra support too.

As an exercise, think about a worthwhile result your audience wants.

Here’s how it could work as a course:

  • Your free content (e.g., free download, free webinar, free video) teaches the high-level steps only.
  • Your self-study course teaches the steps AND how execute them (via lessons + assignments).
  • Your premium programme takes the self-study course and adds support (e.g., community forum, Q&A calls).

If you don’t want to offer live support, that’s fine, but it usually means building a smaller, lower-cost course delivering a more modest end result.

(However, that could be a perfect springboard into a higher-priced service you already offer.)

I hope that brings things into focus a little better.

See you soon,


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