Can't find time to create a course?

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I recently ran a one-question survey asking “what’s holding you back from creating a course?”

The top answer: lack of time.

Usually “I don’t have time” is just another way of saying “this is less important than other things I’m working on right now.”

And if that’s true for you, that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up for lack of progress. Just keep it on your mental “someday maybe” list.

But sometimes “I don’t have time” means “I have some time, but I don’t know if it’s enough time”.

And if that’s what’s holding you back, it’s solvable.

I personally don’t believe all the BS about “creating your course in an afternoon” but I do believe if you block out an hour a week you can make some meaningful progress with your planning.

Ramp that up to an hour a day and you can get some serious momentum behind your content creation.

(For context, you could create a simple mini-course in 5-10 hours. A chunkier course is more like 25-50 hours.)

And if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. I don’t want you to go into this process with your eyes half-closed.

But lots of things with lasting value take time to create.

A book. A business website. A sales presentation.

You couldn’t write a book worth buying in an afternoon. Why would it be different with a course?

So here’s my advice…

Decide how much time you can put aside each week as “course time”. Use the first hour to plan the next 5 hours. And keep moving.

See you soon,



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