Beer and audience-building

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Years ago, I remember hearing about brewing companies that had made beer glasses with logos laser-etched to the inside of the glass.

And it wasn’t just a marketing thing, there was a practical reason too.

You see, it turns out that having rough patches on the smooth glass helped bubbles to form.

In fact, there’s a scientific name for it: a nucleation point.

It was hypnotic to see a column of bubbles, in the rough shape of the logo, streaming up from the bottom of the glass.

And it was a great talking point down the pub too.

Switching to courses, when you’re trying to build an audience, you know you have to be more visible (e.g., on social media), but it can feel intimidating.

There’s a lot of pressure to become regular source of wisdom on your pet topic, but you might not feel “expert enough” (or confident enough) to take on that role.

So how about doing this instead..?

Be a nucleation point for discussions around your topic.

Instead of posting: “Here’s my expert tip for doing X…” ask: “What tactics have you tried for doing X?” and see what responses you get.

Instead of adopting a position of certainty, choose one of curiosity.

It’s a more comfortable way to build your visibility and I’ll bet you’ll get more engagement too.

Why? Because other people are looking for easy ways to be more visible too. And joining a conversation is easier than starting one.

Building an audience takes time, but the steps may be easier than you think.

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