The Online Course Fairy 🧚

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Quick thought experiment for you.

Imagine you woke up this morning to find a slip of paper under your pillow with the login details for a brand new course.

(The note is signed: “The Online Course Fairy”.) 🧚

Filled with curiosity, you sign on and discover a slickly-produced course on your expert topic, full of your ideas, with your face and your voice, and it’s better than you ever could have hoped!

In other words, the course you hoped one day to build has been built for you.

Over the next six months you enrol a whole bunch of people who are a great fit for your course. They love the content. They get great results. They give you awesome testimonials.

Happy days! 🎉

Now rewind the clock back to today. This time the Online Course Fairy hasn’t paid you a visit. There’s no note under your pillow. Your perfect course is still an idea not a reality.

So here’s my question:

In the absence of your course, where will those students from that alternative reality go to get the help that they need?

Because, my friend, they won’t be sitting around patiently waiting for your course to appear.

Most of them will find other courses, other mentors, other methods.

But do you know which ones?

A little competitive research can go a long way. It’ll tell you:

  • What problems people are paying to solve
  • Who else is offering to solve them
  • How your offer be a little different

So your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to spend an hour doing some research into your course’s competition.

(Be sure to let me know what you find out!)

See you soon,


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