The other problem your course must solve

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I’ve said before that your course shouldn’t simply teach people about a given topic.

It should solve a particular problem for a particular type of person.

Now, I’m certainly not the first person to say that the best courses have an audience problem at their heart.

But there’s another type of problem your course should solve. One that’s rarely discussed…

The problem your course solves for you.

Because a course built to solve a pressing problem for its creator is more likely to succeed (and to pay off sooner) than one built for broader reasons.

So maybe the problem you have is that you’re struggling to scale your business because time is your bottleneck.

A course teaching foundational concepts that you share with all your clients could help with that.

Or maybe you’re struggling to grow your online audience.

A short, tactical course offered as a freebie could help with that.

Or maybe you don’t have anything to offer people who can’t afford to hire you 1:1.

An entry-level course could help with that.

So, what problem will your course solve for you?

(And how does that affect that type of course you create?)

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