Will this help you pick your "Point B"?

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You hear it called lots of different things.

The outcome. The transformation. The big win. Point B.

They’re all names for the result that your online course delivers for students.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that picking the right end result for your course is one of the most important, and hardest, parts of course creation.

After all, it brings up lots of questions:

  • What results do your target audience really want?
  • What results do you have the knowledge and experience to deliver?
  • What results are even reasonable to deliver via an online course?

For a while, I had an online business helping best men, grooms and fathers of the bride to write their wedding speeches.

I learned that most wedding speakers want to deliver a warm, entertaining speech that everyone enjoys.

And it would be fun to create an online course delivering that result, but realistically, there’s a lot that’s outside my control…

I don’t know what natural speaking skills they already have. I can’t coach them on the speech delivery. I won’t be there on the day to help settle any last-minute nerves.

In other words, I can’t guarantee it will all go perfectly on the day.

But I can help them write the speech itself.

So, if my course for wedding speakers ever makes it off my someday/maybe list, this would be the promise:

By the time you complete my course, you’ll have written a unique, memorable wedding speech that you feel confident — and even excited! — to deliver on the big day.

Notice that the result is something fairly concrete — a completed speech you can hold in your hands.

But after working with clients in various different niches I’ve learned that the result isn’t always so obvious or tangible.

So here’s my current take on it…

There are three types of result your course can help your audience to achieve:

  1. You can help them create an asset with lasting significance or value, like a business, or a popular blog, or even something physical, like a table.

  2. You can help them acquire a useful skill or ability, like speaking conversational French, maximising their daily productivity, or managing their household budget.

  3. You can help them reach a desirable destination, like landing a dream job, finding the perfect partner, or becoming a certified copywriter.

So if you’ve been struggling to work out what result your course should deliver, try framing it as an asset, an ability or a destination.

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