Building it quick vs building it right

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I spent years building courses for someone else.

I learned a ton about course creation and got really good at creating content in someone else’s voice.

But it made me want to build a course of my own, in my voice, driven by my ideas.

(That course became my Build Your Best Course programme, but this is not a pitch for that programme.)

I believe that most aspiring course creators fall into two camps:

  • Camp 1 has a specific end goal, like passive income, and they see a course as a route to that goal.
  • Camp 2 has a deep-seated desire (maybe that they can’t fully explain) to create their own course.

Camp 1 wants to build the course quick so they can see results sooner.

Camp 2 wants to build the course right so they can feel proud of the end product.

What Camp 1 often doesn’t realise is that building a financially successful course from a cold start is tough.

(It’s much easier if you have an existing audience or a successful business to leverage.)

What Camp 2 often doesn’t realise is that building the course right doesn’t mean building it right first time.

(You can’t just think your way to a great course, you need thoughtful input from the people it’s meant to help.)

Whichever camp you’re in, you can learn something useful from the other by:

Building your course fast as a way of learning what building it right would look like.

In other words, create a rough and ready version 1.0.

Too many course creators are afraid to put something in front of people until they feel sure it’s the right thing.

The irony is that that only their target audience can tell them what right looks like.

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