The scaffolding required for a sale

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It’s been a summer of house improvements.

New roof, new gas boiler, new paint job.

But as I peer out of my office window, the scaffolding that was so useful to the roofers and the house painter is still there.

And I just want the guys who put it up to come and take it down.

“I’ll chase them again…” the roofer told me yesterday.

On the plus side, it reminded me of a newsletter idea I had several months before our house gained its ugly metal exoskeleton.

In my notes I’d written: “the scaffolding required for a sale”. So here’s the idea…

Before someone buys your course, certain mental “support structures” will need to be in place.

Specifically, they’ll need to:

  1. Be aware that they have a problem
  2. Be motivated to solve it (i.e., feeling the pain)
  3. Believe you understand them and their problem
  4. Believe that your course will solve their problem
  5. Believe that the journey will be easy and painless
  6. Believe your offer is good value for money
  7. Know, like and trust you enough to accept your help

The first couple of points are about who you target but the rest are about what you say to people once you have their attention.

It takes time to erect the scaffolding for a course sale, but it’s much quicker if you do it intentionally.

To pick one “support” you could start working on now, what are you doing to show people you understand their problem?

See you soon,


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