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I was hanging out in a Facebook group for course creators recently and I saw a comment that described the customer journey in a way I really liked.

When it comes to selling your course (or any product) the commenter said that people need to:

  1. See it
  2. Want it
  3. Buy it

I don’t know if they came up with that phrasing themselves or borrowed it from elsewhere, but I love how simple it is.

See it. Want it. Buy it.

Getting people to see your course is about awareness. It’s not enough for people to know that you exist, they also need to know you have a course.

Awareness is built wherever you can be seen by your target market. Social media, networking groups, email outreach, etc.

It doesn’t mean pushing your course at every opportunity. It just means starting and joining conversations where a side mention of your course feels natural.

Getting people to want your course is about marketing. Even your ideal customers may take weeks or months before their desire (and trust) builds to a point where they’re ready to buy.

Marketing works best when people have raised a hand to find out more, either about your course or the problem that it solves.

Getting people to buy your course is about overcoming objections, reducing risk and removing friction from the buying process.

The sales may happen on a 1:1 call, a private webinar or a sales page, but the basic dynamics are the same. You need to make it feel sensible, safe and smooth to buy.

If you’re serious about creating a course that sells, you need to answer three questions:

  • How will people see it?
  • How will they come to want it?
  • What will lead them to buy it?

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