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A couple of weeks ago I wrapped up a little side project with a client.

He has a small business that offers a specialised type of technical training.

(It’s kind of a dry topic, but it’s required for certain industries.)

Since the pandemic he’s been running the training live on Zoom, pretty successfully.

But he had a problem.

He was bored delivering the same content week in, week out. (And the training lasts 2.5 hours.)

That’s why a mutual contact referred him to me to explore the idea of turning it into an online course.

Now truthfully, he wasn’t a brilliant fit for me as a client.

The bulk of his content was already created — we just needed to tweak it a bit for delivering in a self-study format. Mostly he just needed help choosing a platform and getting everything set up.

But I didn’t want to leave him stranded (or disappoint our mutual contact) so I offered to help.

And though it was a small project, I love how quickly he’s seeing the benefit.

It’s only two weeks since the course went live but sales have already covered his course creation costs.

He’s also won back more than half a day of his time, because the material he used to present live, now presents itself!

(And going forward he should save around 10 hours a month.)

And what I love about this little case study is it illustrates one of the best reasons to create a course — saving time.

Yes, you can create a whole business around an online course. But I’m more excited by how you can make an existing business work better by adding an online course.

So is there somewhere in your business where you’re doing the same thing over and over again, but for different customers?

Because it might be the ideal starting point for an online course.

(And even if you only replace part of what you do with self-study training, you could still save yourself a ton of time.)

Hope that’s got your brain cogs whirring.

See you soon,



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