The "small bang theory" of courses

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I totally get it.

Creating a course feels daunting.

You have a sense for what a good course could do for you.

But it seems like a lot of work to get there. (With no cast-iron guarantee of success.)

It’s a lot to take on trust, right?

I blame what I call the “big bang theory” of course creation.

It’s where you launch a large course with a ton of fanfare and get a heap of sales.

The problem with that is that it’s also a ton of work and no small amount of risk.

The people who do it that way often have years of course launch experience and a whole team behind them.

Which got me thinking, what would a “small bang” theory of course creation look like?

I think it would mean looking for small acts of (course) creation that could still have a worthwhile impact:

For instance, what “course-like” video or resource could you create that would:

a) Be genuinely useful right now for the people you help?

b) Be just as useful and relevant a year or more from now?

Create one thing like that and share it with your network.

“Hey. I created this. I think it’ll really help you if you’re struggling with X.”

Or use it as part of your work with a new client:

“Before our next session, check out this video I created and see what comes up for you.”

If you do that, a few things will happen:

  1. You’ll get a small taste of what it’s like to create a course

  2. You’ll be one asset closer to actually having a course

  3. You’ll earn the chance to get valuable feedback

Of course, the theory only works if you put it into practice. 😉

So what’s that one small thing you could create?

See you soon,


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