The Art of Course Creation

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Core Topics

Here's What I Write About

Each newsletter is designed to be both thought-provoking and actionable. Here are some of the most popular course creation topics I cover.

Course Strategy

Course strategy means getting clear on why you're building a course and how it will achieve your end goal.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum design is all about organizing your training in a way that's logical, digestible and effective.

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of turning your essential materials and methods into engaging digital assets.

Course Marketing

Course marketing generates interest in your course with the right people and moves them closer to a purchase.

Audience Building

Audience building is the strategy of organically attracting and nurturing a community of future customers.

Creator Mindset

Creator mindset aims to tackle the mental blocks like procrastination and self-doubt that can hold you back.

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Meet the Author

Hello! I'm Glen Long

You don't let just anyone into your inbox, so why invite me? Here's the experience I bring to my newsletter:

"Course Creation Guy" for a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

I created courses that generated over $1 million in revenue and served 1,000+ paying students.

Writer, Editor and Producer for BBC Comedy

At BBC Comedy Online I worked with new writers and performers to create viral comedy videos.

Course Creation Teacher and Mentor

These days, I teach and mentor individuals and small teams to create effective and engaging courses.

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