Client Testimonials

Here's what people say about working with me.

Jon Morrow

Popular blogger and 7-figure entrepreneur

"Glen has a real talent for breaking down complex ideas and processes into logical, teachable chunks.At Smart Blogger he was instrumental in either creating or significantly revising almost all of our online courses, including products earning well over $1 million in revenue.In fact for years now, I've relied on Glen to translate my high-level ideas for profitable information products into online courses that delight students and deliver on the promises I've made in the marketing.The bottom line is when it comes to the mechanics of designing and building best-in-class online courses, I don't know of anyone better."

Sophia Petrides

Talent Retention Coach, Author and Speaker

"From the start, I felt I was in great hands! Glen took the time to listen carefully to my vision of developing a corporate course for my clients.Throughout our collaboration, I found myself being challenged by Glen, which helped me to see the course from different perspectives, questioning what would work well and what would not.Presenting the final product to my current and prospective clients has triggered curiosity to learn more and I have no doubt it will be a huge success."

Jens Wolff

Life Coach and Career Coach

"I approached Glen because we needed help to turn our group coaching program into a really good self-paced course.First, he helped us to clarify our priorities and then restructure the program to improve the flow.It was very useful to have an experienced, external perspective on hand and Glen always kept us focused on creating the best experience for our students.In addition, the regular mentoring sessions gave us the accountability we needed to get things done, and we actually finished our course faster than we thought.If you need someone to help you create a high-quality course, I would definitely recommend speaking to Glen!"

Anne Morrison

Business and Mindset Coach for Therapists

"Glen's experience and his step by step approach helped me clarify the purpose and content of my course.He is patient and supportive and kept me focused on the main points when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. He was also willing to challenge me when necessary.Glen always had my back and it was helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and give me considered feedback.Having worked with Glen, I have confidence in my abilities to go on and develop further courses. And if I feel stuck I know who I'm gonna call!"