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I don’t know what it says about how I’m wired, but I love a dystopian future.

1984, The Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451. Love ‘em all.

More accurately, I love hating the messed-up worlds the authors created for their characters.

Last night, I watched the second episode of Apple’s adaptation of Silo, based on Hugh Howey’s blockbuster book series.

(If you like the sound of a detective story wrapped up in a steam punk-ish near future, check it out.)

A key theme is “relics” from the past (in this case, digital relics) shedding light on the present.

Which reminded in a weird way of this…

Sometimes, a person who’s taking my free course will email me and say something like:

“I really like what you said about choosing your course topic.”

Nice to hear, but honestly, I have to cast my mind back, because they’re talking about a video I created two years ago.

Often, I can’t even remember what I said!

To me its old news, but to them it’s as fresh as if I’d recorded it yesterday.

And here’s the thing…

How they feel about that content is much more important than how I feel about it.

Now, each time I create a course video or other training content, I’m not just creating content…

I’m sending a digital copy of myself into the future to engage and educate people who don’t even know me yet.

And the more content I create, the more digital copies of me are “out there” working tirelessly on my behalf.

I love that any one of those copies could enable a breakthrough in someone’s thinking. Or get them past a milestone where they were previously stuck.

So while I’m all for living in the present, if you spend some of your present time creating evergreen digital content, you’ll get to live in the future too.

See you soon,


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