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If you’re thinking of building a course this year, you might also be thinking about building an audience to buy that course.

(Smart thinking by the way.)

A simple model of audience-building is consistently talking about relevant topics in places you can be seen (e.g., social media), hoping the right people will notice and start following you.

All good in theory. But what should you talk about to attract the right following? And should your course cover those same topics?

Here’s what I recommend:

When building your audience, talk about the broadest range of topics that will appeal to your target audience. When building your course focus on the narrowest problem people will pay to solve.

So if you help people create killer PowerPoint decks, your course could focus on helping people with a certain type of deck, like how to create a sales deck that converts.

But when building your audience, you’d go broader. For instance, you could talk about presentation skills. Or sales skills. Or even communication skills in general.

Not because you intend to create products covering those other areas. But because people who might buy your sales deck course are likely to be interested in those other topics too.

Make sense? Cool.

See you soon,


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