Need Some Extra Help?

You've been planning to create a course for ages. Months, maybe even years. But so far, it hasn't happened.

For one thing, you're not sure exactly what type of course to build.

On top of that, this is new territory. What if you screw it up?

Also, you're busy! It's difficult to find time and build momentum.

Unless you're ready to accept defeat, it's time to get some extra help.

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Working with Me

I've been creating (and helping other people and teams create) best-in-class courses for nearly a decade.

As your mentor, I'll be there to hold your hand throughout the course creation process.

  • I'll make sure that you're building the right course, for the right reasons.
  • When you start design and production, I'll give you constructive feedback on your curriculum and content.
  • On a weekly basis, I'll provide the accountability you need to get your course done.

Working with me you'll create a better course, in less time, and avoiding all the common pitfalls.

The Benefits

Strategic Guidance

Creating a successful online course requires making a series of strategic decisions. I'll help you make the right choices.

External Accountability

Getting your course created means taking consistent action. Weekly goals and check-ins will keep you in momentum.

Expert Feedback

Building a stand-out course means finding your content creation groove. My feedback will bring out your best work.

My Course Creation Framework

Working with me, we'll follow my proven six-step process to get your course from "brain to built":

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Clarify Your Mission

We'll clarify and validate your course "mission", i.e., your primary reason for creating an online course.

group 2
Define Your Market

We'll define your target market in terms of their goals and obstacles, and make sure they're reachable.

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Design Your Destination

We'll identify the must-have result your course delivers, guided by four fundamental archetypes.

map 4
Calculate Your Route

I'll help you to plot the unique path your students will follow to achieve the promised result.

schema 5
Craft Your Curriculum

I'll advise you as you design the course curriculum that will lead your students along the path to success.

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Create Your Content

I'll give you feedback as you create the digital assets that your students encounter study on their journey.

Want to Find Out More?

If you want to create an online course but are unsure how to move forward, why not book a free "Course Clarity" call with me? There's no hard sell – just a chance to chat about your course idea and get some actionable insights.

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