Ready to Build Your Best Course?

I help smart people build kick-ass courses that grow their business and brand.

If you're a coach or consultant, creating a course can help you make more impact with less effort. I'll give you a proven road map and the support you need on your journey.

Why Create an Online Course?

Despite what you may have heard, courses can’t turn anyone with a webcam into a millionaire, but they are still a great way to:

🛡️ Grow Your Authority

A course signposts your expert status by showcasing your knowledge and demonstrating the confidence to move from practitioner to instructor.

💣 Increase Your Impact

A course helps you to escape the "time for money" treadmill and reach more customers, including people you can't easily serve right now.

📈 Boost Your Income

A course is a valuable digital asset you can sell alongside existing offers, and creates an "on ramp" for higher-priced products and services.

With these advantages on offer, it’s no wonder many people dream of building their own course.

But many of those people get stuck "course limbo" because they don’t know how to get started.

Course Creation Isn’t Rocket Science

Creating a course is definitely easier than launching a rocket.

But they do have some things in common.

For instance, both need a solid mission plan and just enough "thrust" to get off the ground.

I help smart coaches, consultants and creators build their own courses, despite the pull of a busy schedule.

So if you're struggling with course inertia, read on...

Why Make It Harder than You Need to?

Without help, course creation can be challenging.

That's why my goal is making course creation clearer, simpler and easier.

My free content offers advice and inspiration for the course-curious.

And for many people, it's all they need to get moving.

My paid programme breaks the process into simple lessons and focused action steps.

You'll also get the support you need to maintain your momentum.

What's Different about My Approach?

You'll find a lot of advice online about course creation. Here's how I approach it.


Perspective 🔍

I'm pragmatic about courses and don't pretend they're the right path for everyone. I'm also one of the few experts to focus on the “design and build” side of the process.


Process 📋

I’ve spent several years developing and testing my course creation framework. It's based on a decade of creating courses and training individuals and teams.


Platform 🏛️

No course platform is perfect for everyone, but I use and recommend Podia. It’s an affordable all-in-one platform that supports courses, community and coaching.

Note: My framework is platform-neutral, but choosing Podia is a great cure for "platform paralysis" and it means I can provide implementation advice too.

Why I'm Qualified to Help

Three things you should know about my experience with courses.


Course Designer 📐

I was the “course creation guy” for a well-known online entrepreneur. I turned his product ideas into popular courses earning millions of dollars and serving 1,000+ students.


Content Creator 🎬

I’ve created many hours of written and filmed content for courses and other digital projects. I previously worked as an in-house writer, editor and producer for the BBC.


Podia Pro Educator 🎓

I’m a certified Podia expert specialising in course creation. I help people make the most of the platform, and get early access to (and influence over) upcoming features.

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You can also read more articles about course creation on my blog.

So What Happens Next?

Since you're still reading, you might be wondering about the next steps. Here's what I recommend.

Start with Some Free Stuff

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Get More Help If You Need It

Join my flagship programme, Build Your Best Course, to get a proven framework plus support for creating your course. Or get some 1:1 help in a specific area.

Build and Sell Your Course!

Complete your prototype and get feedback from a small group of beta students. Revise, launch and market your course. Grow your business and brand.

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