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Ready to Build Your Best Course?

If you're thinking of creating an online course, I can provide the guidance, accountability and feedback you need to build your best possible course.

(I'll also tell you if I don't think a course is the right step for you.)

Why Create an Online Course?

So you can make a ton of easy cash and retire to a tropical island, of course! 😉

Yes, there's a lot of hype around online courses. And the truth is that many people who want to create a course probably shouldn't.

But for busy people who are already successful at what they do, the benefits are attractive:

More Time

A course makes your business less dependent on your time by blending 1:1 help with self-study.

More Income

A course enables a more passive revenue stream, and creates partnership opportunities.

More Impact

A course helps you reach more people and cement your reputation as an expert in your topic area.

However, I'm not in the business of persuading you to create a course.

(The online course industry already has enough people doing that!)

But if you do decide to create one, I'll help you create your best course possible.

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