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About Me

Hello! Nice to Meet You

I'm Glen and I'll help you cut through the hype around online courses. Here's my background:

"Course Creation Guy" for a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

I created courses that generated over $1 million in revenue and served 1,000+ paying students.

Writer, Editor and Producer for BBC Comedy

At BBC Comedy Online I worked with new writers and performers to create viral comedy videos.

Course Creation Teacher and Mentor

These days, I teach and mentor individuals and small teams to create effective and engaging courses.

What I Believe about Courses

I'm certainly not the only voice in the online course space. Here are some of the beliefs that underpin the way I think about courses.

Course Creation is Challenging

Building a successful course takes time and tenacity and usually involves learning new skills. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Courses are "Multipliers" not "Adders"

Courses work best when they leverage existing success, e.g., from coaching or consulting. They won't conjure results from thin air.

What Differentiates Your Course is You

Whatever problem your course solves, it won't be your audience's only option. It's your personality and approach that'll set you apart.

Production Values Don't Matter... much as you think. You don't need a Netflix budget to create a valuable course. (You don't even need to use video.)

Your Course Won't Sell Itself (Sorry)

"Build it and they will come" is a myth. When your course is ready, you'll need a way to reach your market and start selling.

You Can't Totally Avoid The Tech

Course platforms are becoming more user-friendly each year, but if you struggle with basic tech, it'll be a rough, rough ride.


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